Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

I'm a day late with this post because yesterday was a very difficult day for me. You see, my daddy unexpectedly passed away at the end of February and this was my 1st father's day without him. The grainy picture I posted above is my dad (forgive the graininess. it's an old pic of a pic that's been cropped).  My dad was a carpenter, a hunter, a gardener, a quiet and laid back man. He would give me his last dollar out of his pocket and do without food if he knew that I needed it. He hardly ever got mad or raised his voice. I don't know what else to say except my daddy was a good person. Holy crap, I miss him SO much. I can't write any more about him without a big tear fest, so I'm going to stop here and move on with my story.

Back in December at Christmas time I gave my daddy a lap quilt. I think he used it a couple of times before he passed away. He was always afraid to use something "nice." I threatened him though and said he'd better use it because I made it for him to use and it would hurt my feelings if he didn't. lol He did comment a couple times that it was nice and warm and that he really liked it. :) Below, again, are grainy pics of the lap quilt. I'm doing this as a tribute to my dad and I can't bear to dig out the quilt just to take new pictures with my good camera.

All I did was take a panel and add a border to the top and bottom (all from my mother-in-laws stash). It was very simple, just how my dad liked things. I did a very minimalistic quilting job on it as well. I followed the borders of the squares and then did a big X through the center.

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy in Heaven. You will never be forgotten but forever missed.


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