Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally a Finish...

I finally completed another quilt! Originally, the quilt top was made for the Naked Bed Challenge back in the Spring. The quilt is for my oldest daughter to put on her full sized bed. This was my 2nd attempt at machine quilting and by far the largest quilt I have attempted quilting. I am happy with how it turned out, but there was a time when the quilt and I were not on speaking terms. Getting it to go through the small hole on my machine was not the easiest thing to do. So, without further a's the quilt:

Alrighty, ladies and gentleman...please let me know what you think. Have a quilty day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


You know how life can creep up on you and all of a sudden you are in caught in a tailwind and spinning uncontrollably while nothing you normally do is possible? Well, that's how it's been for me lately. Here's a bit of info about what's been going on around here.

We had problems with our landlord and ended up moving at the beginning of this month. Long story short, we had worked it out but because of some issues we decided it was better for our family to go ahead and move instead of staying where we were. Best. Decision. Ever. No, really... We are totally loving the house we are in now. It's so much bigger than what we were in and instead of the walls closing in on us, it now feels as if we can unclench our shoulders and actually breathe.

It's an older house, but full of charm. Each window, door, and opening has crown molding. It has 15 foot ceilings instead of the 7 foot we had before. No nasty brown everywhere. Instead we have over-sized windows, doorways, and hallway. It even has an attic and a basement. Besides the basement being my favorite thing (my girls and I are deathly afraid of storms)... I have my very own sewing room! It is... wait for it..wait for it...legendary (as Barney says on How I Met Your Mother)!

I will post pictures shortly of my new sewing room. I may be able to even dig up old pictures of my sewing area if anyone's interested. :) Off to finish everyday things like cleaning and laundry. Hope to get some sewing done soon! Happy Quilting!


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