Saturday, August 14, 2010

Starting Over

I recently had a blog on here that I rarely kept up with, but I decided it was time to start fresh with a new look and new content. Not too sure what I'll have to say, but who knows...with 3 princesses in the house I'm sure it's bound to be interesting!

Princess 2 lost her first tooth last night. She will be 6 in a couple weeks. She just giggled like she was high on sugar. It was too cute! What's even funnier is Princesses 1 and 2 are terrified of the tooth fairy!! They REFUSE to keep the tooth in their room for fear of the tooth fairy coming in there while they sleep. They leave the tooth out on the table IN the kitchen to avoid her. Guess it just makes the her job easier since she doesn't have to search for the teeth under their pillows. My children are so funny!

The highlight of my day...guess you can call me frugal, or inventive, or even crazy! You ready for this?!  I hung a curtain across a 6ft section with dental floss. Yep, you read it right!! I said dental floss! Now imagine how silly I feel when I actually announce this for everyone to see, but I'm still quite proud of myself. Hahaha! Then I turned around and hung up another curtain over the door the same way. LOL! It works great so far!

Until next time! Chow!


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