Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bad Blogger

I am such a bad blogger! I have the intentions of blogging every couple of days but it seems I can't do that. First off I would not have anything interesting to say and would bore anyone who would even stumble upon this place.

So here's a run down of what's been going on the past week and a half...
Princess #2 lost another tooth so that makes 2 total. She still refused to allow the tooth fairy to enter her room. She's having a birthday next week and will be 6! She's a young 1st grader, but she loves it!

Princess #1 informed me yesterday when she took her lunch to school for the first time that her teacher would not let her eat it b/c she brought at PB&J sandwich. Apparently they are not allowed to bring anything with peanut butter to school! I was so mad! I understand the whole reason for kids being allergic to peanuts, but CALL me and let me bring her something else. The whole point was to save some money! They've been in school 16 days and I have already spent $80 for two kids to eat breakfast and lunch at school! This is going to change! I know I can send them to school with their own lunch for much cheaper than $80! $80!!! That just blows my mind!

Princess #1 also put me into the most uncomfortable situation last week! Her and her new little best friend had conjured up some kind of get together and didn't inform us mothers until they gave us the phone and decided we should talk. Can we say AWKWARD!! I'm pretty sure the mother thought I was least that's how she talked to me. So after that uncomfortable conversation we hung up. Guess what?! The DAD called me back and was trying to figure out what the kids were trying to do. Once again..awkward! At least he didn't talk to me like I was crazy! LOL He tried to explain how the mother was just caught off guard, etc. Ummm HELLO??!! So was I!!! We agreed to get the girls together sometime to play, but let me tell ya..i won't be calling them to schedule it. LOL They are so gonna have to call me! I don't want to be known as the weird overbearing mother who gets on everyone's nerves. Hahaha!

Guess that's pretty much it! Until next time...Chow!


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