Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Only So Much

It seems as though I keep popping in here just to give more bad news. I mean, really, a human can only handle so much. My Aunt passed away in August, my grandma passed in November, and my dad a little over a week ago. I'm surviving. Of course, now there's a huge void in my life and in my heart. I spent so much time and energy worrying about my dad. However, I'm completly at peace with his passing. It's really hard to cry and be sad for someone when you're happy for them because they are no longer sick or in pain.

I have been back and forth to Arkansas more than I care to even think about.  My sweet hubby allowed me to hire someone to clean my house because I had gotten so far behind. Also, I'll be headed back to Ar next week to clean out my dad's house and get a head stone. The following week, I'll have all my girls home with me because of spring break. Meanwhile, I'm still pregnant and dealing with those issues. :)

I don't think I ever posted pics of my dad's lap quilt I had made for him. I had given it to him for Christmas. It was a hunter's dream quilt (IMO). Anyways, it was drapped over my dads casket for his grave side service. I think he would've been happy.

I hope to be back to quilting soon. I have some stuff I need to finish up within the next couple of months so I can start sewing stuff for the baby.

Happy Quilting!!!


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