Thursday, January 13, 2011

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There comes a time as a mother, or parent, that one might think God is playing a cruel joke on us. *knock on wood* There is nothing much harder than having a sick child and a sick parent. The last several days has been such a roller coaster of sickness, dr appointments, and attitudes.

Monday: Wake up at 5:30 am to the school calling and saying it's closed for a snow day. 5:45 walk out of my bedroom to find all 3 kids already up and one sitting by the toilet sick and a fever of 101.3. Proceed to get her fever down to 100.3. This goes on til 2pm when my neighbor so kindly took 2 of my children to give me some rest. I ended up taking the sick child to the dr office who said it was just a virus and nothing he could do. Continue giving Tylenol and Mortin/Ibuprofen alternating every 3 hours. Then I went across the hall and visited the Dr for myself. Major ear infection with sinus infection. Zpack, and 3 kinds of samples and sent me on my way. Three hours total at the dr office. That night I slept on the couch (being considerate of not waking my husband) and got up every 3 hours to give my poor sick child medicine.

Tuesday: Wake up at 5:30 am again b/c that was the 3 hour time schedule for medication and decided there was no point in going back to sleep for 45 mins. I am greeted by this:
Is actually much redder than the picture and very swollen!

Arm red with odd rash and very hot to touch.

So...back to the dr again. 2 shots later (steroid and benadryl) and a conference with another dr. and it could be an allergic reaction, a rash from virus, or even a weird case of hives. They aren't really sure. So we left with a prescription of steroids and are to go back to the dr the next morning. Also, fever got up to 102.9 while at dr office. Another night on the couch for me with another night of medication every 3 hours.

Wednesday: Rash or whatever it is, is almost gone and back to the dr's office at 8:45am. Meanwhile the steroids has put this sick child on edge and she is beyond grouchy and loaded with attitude! Drs are happy to see the rash gone, but we are to continue OTC benadryl and the prescription steroids. They still have no idea what or why w/the whole rash/redness/swelling thing. No fever after 3am dose of medication. So I made some of these:
Honey bran muffins (just add no homemade from me)

We all lay down for naps and I ended up sleeping most of the day. Got up for a bit last night and was running fever myself. At least I got to sleep in MY bed with no medicine interruptions and slept from 8pm-6am.

Thursday: That brings us to this morning.... no fever for the sick kid or me this morning, but the steroids have upset her stomach so she stays home another day and I'm on the verge of a migraine. While waiting outside w/the oldest Princess to get on the bus this happens to the youngest princess:
The kitten scratched her leg.

It has been a very LONG week and it isn't over yet! I hate when my kids are sick and it makes it even more difficult when I'm sick with them. I think it just deepens my depression. My house hasn't been cleaned, the clothes hasn't been washed, and everything has piled up and become junky. I hate it! All I need want is for our routines to get back to normal and everyone to be well. No crafting, sewing, or anything for me this week.


  1. I'm following from MBC. Love the blog.


  2. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  3. You poor thing, bless your heart!! Hope you and the little ones feel better soon. I'm an instant muffin gal myself. The husband loves to take them in the morning for breakfast, but he takes them ALL, none left for me =(. Hope you get a reprieve soon.

  4. Tiffany, I think your princess (with swollen red rash and swollen cheek) had (has) Cat Scratch Fever. Seriously, my son had the very same symptoms and his doctor referred us to Children's Hosptial - they did blood work and he had Cat Scratch fever. It is an infection from the bactreia cats have. I even took my son to a dentist upon my doctors advise. Children's Hospital was great and in 48 hours my son was better - no fever, no rash, and the swelling was almost completely gone.


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