Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whats Yours?

I got to thinking this morning (everyone watch out!!) about what people’s routines are in the mornings. Mine goes as follows:

1.) I get up at 6:15am and immediately turn on the kid’s bedroom lights and attempt to get them up without threating their life.

2.) I make me a big ole cup of international coffee. I totally prefer the French Vanilla with extra spoon fulls...usually one cup = 5 or 6 tsps of coffee mix. lol I like the flavor, what can I say!! Usually have to remind the kids to leave the cats alone and I have to send Princess #3 to the other room while she plays DS so the other two will get ready for school instead of watching or playing with her.

3.) I drink half of the cup in one gulp and then head outside for my other horrible habit. We’ll leave it at that. While I’m outside I check my facebook and my email on my phone.

4.) Get on to the kids some more telling them they have 10 mins left to get their clothes on, get their backpacks packed, hair/teeth brushed, lunches packed.

5.) Make the kids lunches while I argue with them about what they can and can’t take in their lunch boxes or about what they can and can’t wear to school. (mind you they’re only 6 and 7 years old, but they still fight me)

6.) Have a seat on the couch with the laptop and recheck facebook and do my facebook games which are terribly addicting. Check my spam folder of my email since I can’t do that on my phone. Then I go to my awesome google reader and catch up on all the wonderful and inspirational blogs I follow. Meanwhile, I’m usually still fighting with the kids and telling them they have 10 mins to finish getting ready so they can eat before we have to go outside to get on the bus.

7.) Tie shoes and button pants for the kids.

8.) 7:10am head outside to wait for the kid’s school bus and then they’re on the bus between 7:15am-7:20am.  Usually having to get on to them for yelling and screaming while they’re outside. Normally it’s okay, but I try to be considerate of the neighbors. Many of them are older and I don’t know their schedule and the last thing I want is my noisy two kids waking them up. Hehe

9.) After they’re on the bus it’s a little more down time for me. I am NOT a morning person what so ever!!! Sometimes I can get right into straightening and cleaning, but most mornings it’s a no go and I lounge around for a while. Princess #3 loves her tv so we usually turn on Mickey Mouse Club House, Handy Mandy, or Oso.

So that’s pretty much my morning routine for the first hour and half of the mornings. I’m exhausted just by thinking about it! LOL So what’s yours?!!

I picked up a lot of fabric during Christmas break and I’ll be posting some pics to come. Just gotta stop being lazy to fix them and upload them. LOL

Til next time…happy quilting and crafting!


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