Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Day with a Weekend Project

Maybe I should say Saturday project, but since we're rolling over into Sunday morning I'll call it a weekend project. I sewed my first purse. I screwed up a lot learned many lessons doing this bag. My seam ripper was my best friend the whole time. I cannot even fathom the amount of time I spent with my dear buddy. First, the purse I made...

Now, for what I learned:
1.) Patterns (even though they say easy) aren't always easy. They assume you have some clue of what you're doing.
2.) When sewing corners of the bottom of a purse or inside lining, don't fold the corners down like you're wrapping a Christmas present. Yeah it doesn't work! (Thank you are loved!)
3.) Taking 4 strips of material with corners cut to a slant and sewing them together to make them into a continuous piece...was more than my brain could comprehend. I ended up just doing it however I could to get it straight. (Thank you Google again for attempting to help me with this problem but with no success.)
4.) Metal claps go on the inside lining....not the outside of the purse. I have small cut holes where I messed up on the front.
5.) Sewing on a bias sucks booty!!! Especially when it's too small. I would've preferred a wider bias for this purse around the top b/c it didn't cover my not so perfect basting stitch in the back.
6.) The rough part of the fusible interfacing goes against the project...not the material you are covering it with to protect it. Took me 4 tries to get it right.

I'm sure there's more I learned, but I cannot think straight now. I did have two energy drinks before I started this purse. Took me about 5 hours or so. SO many issues! Now I think I'm going to make a matching checkbook cover and maybe a matching wallet. However, I won't be starting these tonight. Time to crash as my Princesses like to get up super early!

Sending creative vibes to all!


  1. Those bags look great? You made them. I love it. I'm following your blog. Thanks for stopping by and saying happy birthday to me @

    Have a good monday. Cute blog.
    I grabbed your button too! : )

  2. Only 5 hours?! Wow, I'm impressed!! I started a diaper bag last week and still have only gotten as far as basting and quilting the individual pieces, haven't even put them together yet... I'm scared... LOL!


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