Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been playing catch up on cleaning and laundry for the last several days! I have a tendency to clean a while and then check facebook and my google reader. I'm addicted! Plus, it seems I'm only creative and inspired to sew/quilt/craft when my house is clean. Otherwise, I just wanna sit and stair at it all with wishful thinking. 3 year old, who will be 4 this month is refusing to potty train. Doesn't matter what I do!! We've given treats, tried bribes, did completly away with the pull ups, and she still makes a mess and refuses to use the potty. UGH! i'm kinda going insane! Princesses #1 and #2 never had any problems.  I'm just beside myself with frustration and desperation.

I LOVE getting packages in the mail! While it wasn't fabric :( it was still awesome! My niece is teaching in Japan this year and for Christmas she sent my family some candy from Japan. It was so cool looking at a wrapper with no English and just Japanese. I mean it could have said "poison" and I still would've eaten it b/c i wouldn't have had a clue! Needless to say that was the first time I've had Chocolate from Japan and it was fabulous!! Like a better version of Godiva. :)

So I'm off to finish cleaning. I'm hoping to finally get some pictures hung in our living room. We've been here since August and I haven't put out any pictures. Kinda sad if you ask me. I managed to get some candles put up as decoration yesterday and that's a start! Still so much to do as always. When your a family of 5 the work is never done!


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  1. Hello Tiffany,
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    youtube tutorials are a great source too

    I love learning new things. :)

    Great blog!

    fifi, from Lori's Sewing Room blog


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