Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Project while Sick

Since I've been sick and staying bundled up on the couch like a couch potato I decided I'd finally break out the crochet hooks and learn how to crochet. So.. I made myself some wrist warmers:
My kids liked them so much that they have all three requested some. While I was making these my oldest Princess wanted to learn how to crochet, too...so...
I got her set finished yesterday and have two more sets to make for each of the the Princesses. She's so happy about learning to make a chain that she even practiced this morning after getting ready for school:
Coat, backpack, and even her new wrist warmers I made her...
"When I grow up I'm going to go to Walmart and buy alot of yarn and crochet stuff!" 

We are all starting to feel better around our house thankfully! Hoping to get caught up on everything that got neglected while sick and get to work on some sewing stuff and finish up the other 2 sets of wrist warmers for my kiddos.


  1. I love the wrist warmers!!! Being able to crochet is something I've always wanted to do....but if it's anything like my knitting adventure it will never happen!!! Hope you feel better!!

  2. Great work on the wrist warmers! Also, it is so great to see your princess embracing crocheting! Way to go MOM of three beautiful prinesses. I hope you and your girls are feeling better.


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