Thursday, February 17, 2011

I want to paint fabric

I have found another crafty/sewing combination I that I MUST get into! I think there is unlimited possibilities to painting your own fabric designs. Jessica Jones over at How About Orange does a tutorial on how to make this awesome freezer paper stenciled scarf!

Picture from How About Orange's Tutorial
Go here to check it out and then tell me you aren't inspired to go buy some freezer paper and some fabric paint to get started!

So many people are doing this now and I LOVE the look of it! I knew I just had to get on board!! It looks like so much fun. Yesterday, while getting some groceries I added some freezer paper to my basket so I can make stencils. Today, I made the purchase of some Jacquard Textile Color Paint. I got this (pic below) set of 8 colors and then ordered a lighter Purple and a Pink. I cannot WAIT for them to come in! Hoping to hit some thrift stores this weekend and find some shirts to redo for my Princesses!

Sending lots of creative dust your way!


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