Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Deadly Plant

<----- Remember this flower? (Don't mind the ps3 game controller in the background)

Yes, that one! The one my sweet hubby got me for valentine's day...Yeaaaaah. Well, we've decided it's a deadly flower. Now we're not talking literally, but we're calling it deadly. It has now been moved outside,on the back porch, right in front of my double doors. It's too pretty not to look at! I see it every time I open up my blinds on the door. I just can't smell it. I'm okay with that!

This flower is a Pink Oriental Lily, or Stargazer. It's beautiful, but it stinks. That's what I reeks to high heaven!  The thing has been moved to so many places in the house (usually to the room we aren't in)  because we just cannot stand the smell! We've actually talked about taking it back! Haha! (I did ask the lady at the store if they'd take it back. I just got an "ummmm....probably.") Hubby and I have also decided that the smell is making us extremely sleepy. Coincidence? I think not! Maybe. Okay,  more than likely, but we like to pretend that's why. Hubby also tells me that it's deadly to cats. I realize I've only shown pictures of one cat, but we actually have two. What's that saying about how the prettiest is usually the most deadly? I rid my house of the deadly plant, i.e. Pink Oriental Lily. Have any of you ever had this problem with flowers?


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