Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quilt in Snow

There's just something about making a quilt and having pictures of it in the snow. I'm not finished with my quilt yet, but I don't know if we'll be getting anymore snow so I took advantage of what we had to get a few pics. Most didn't turn out so good, but I like this one okay so it'll be the only one I share. This is my first quilt and I'm making it queen sized and this is only the top. :)
Comments would be appreciated! I have a few more rows to do and then it'll be ready to send off and get quilted. My biggest problem is trying to decide what back to use. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm pretty desperate at this point for ideas.

Sending warm and cozy vibes your way!!


  1. Looks beautiful! I think I would use a brown back (maybe Kona espresso, that's my go to brown) with some piecing using the fabrics on the front. And maybe a teal binding....stripes or dots!

  2. So pretty! Your quilt is beautiful. Great job!


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