Sunday, February 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

Seems as though it has taken me a week to catch up on sleep, dirty laundry, and house cleaning from last weekend. I made my kids clean their room and somehow they'd managed to keep a basket and a half of dirty clothes in their rooms! No wonder why I couldn't find their clothes to wash and they complained every morning they had nothing to wear to school. Haha!

Friday I cleaned off my crafting/sewing area and got it all organized yet again. That night I sat down to add borders or frames to my quilt. First sewing I've done since last weekend! I thought I had my quilt done, but then I decided I'd like it just a little bit longer and wider, but I had no more material to continue with the 9 patch blocks. Last week, I had bought these fabrics to use as borders for my quilt. To make a long story short, the local quilt shop's measurements ended up sending me home (in my case out of state) with not enough fabric to go around my quilt like I had explained. I had planned to leave my quilt with my mother-in-law so it could get quilted, but I ended up bringing it home with me so I could finish the borders. Monday I went and bought more material, made some changes, and here's the final quilt top...

I'm thrilled with out it turned out! I have enough extra left over of the fabrics I can make shams for my bed as well! I'm sending it off to get quilted on Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait to get it back and all finished!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful rest of the weekend and if your in the area (like me) that's supposed to be getting bad storms w/possible tornadoes tonight...stay safe!


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